Friday, March 12, 2010


Hello to all teachers of SFG across the world! Welcome to your new blog. Here you will be able to ask questions, make comments and share ideas with one another. You are part of the SFG gardening sensation that is sweeping our country and even the world. Did you know that "Square Foot Gardening" is the largest selling gardening book of all time? Last year, Mels' website received over 3 million hits! You are an integral part of Mel's vision which is:
To improve living conditions for all peoples
To bring the opportunity of gardening to everyone thus improving their personal circumstances and standard of living
Use a natural and earth-friendly way of growing keeping the world a better place for all.

What a worthwhile venture you have embarked upon as you have taken the time to become certified with SFGF. Not only have you expanded your knowledge and improved your skills for your own garden but you can now share that with others.