Monday, May 17, 2010

Lillian's Great Ideas

Lillian is a brand new certified teacher. She has put together some great ideas for teaching presentations. Read her description of her SFG Gardens and see photos of her teaching ideas:
"My garden is a joy and the source of a deep sense of pride for me. I built all my garden boxes (six of them) myself and they actually look presentable! We have LOTS of deer in our area and I didn’t want to have to struggle with them (they were here first, after all), so I built an enclosure for each box with rabbit fencing stapled on two sides and shade cloth that attaches to the frame with hooks and grommets, but is easy to detach and flip up to access the box on the other two sides. (The shade cloth was a lifesaver this summer with the extreme drought conditions). I extended my watering system to add an underground drip system into each box so that my garden wouldn’t suffer if I went away for a few days, but I keep automatic watering to a minimum and add extra for plants that need it. I then surrounded by boxes with pea gravel because the deer don’t like to walk on it. All my efforts have been wildly successful. I had some really great crops of tomatoes, okra, eggplant, lettuces, radishes, several varieties of peppers, and lots of herbs! For someone who’s killed just about every houseplant I’ve ever had, this has been AMAZING! On a very personal level, my SFG has really changed my perspective. I feel much more connected to the earth and it provides me with a feeling of peace and joy when I spend time tending or harvesting my plants. In these insecure times, my garden has also provided a sense of security and prosperity. My garden has also been a great way to step up my efforts to be healthier. Not only do I KNOW my produce is organic, I also know it’s grown from non-genetically modified seed. It’s also SO much more convenient to walk out my back door and collect a few things for lunch or dinner than to drive 10-25 miles to park, shop, and pay for them! Finally, no matter what is going on in my life, I get to start every day by looking out my bedroom window at my garden. The best part of my day usually happens right there! "


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Humanitarian Efforts by the Burlesons

We just returned from a 5 month teaching
session in Africa (Malawi, Rwanda and Ethiopia). The
gardens preformed better than expected. Teachers were also
trained to keep spreading these methods among those in need.
You can see some of our success on our travel blog-site at

Wayne & Connie
Humanitarian Food Gardening Project