Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2015 Certified Instructor Newsletter

Official Publication of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation

In This Issue:

  • SFG 40 Years Celebration 
  • News from Mel
  • Welcome New Instructors
  • Weather can improve vegetables
  • Recipe for beet chips
  • SFG featured in magazine
  • Creative visual aid video
  • Spread SFG on social media 

Mel is inviting YOU to participate in the celebration of 40 years of SFG! 
Share the Mission! Be part of the Movement!  Watch for more detail coming soon!

News from Mel
Mel is undergoing chemotherapy right now for some cancer. He's doing pretty well and his son is living with him for a while. Previously, Mel managed to write a new book which is under contract and coming out soon! He was also informed by his publisher that his books have now sold over 2.5 million copies to date! 

Read Mel's story about his very first SFG here .
Original plank spacing for the first SFG

   Mel recently interviewed with CI, Mark Fierle on KUCI radio (Irvine,CA)  about his life and SFG vision.

Welcome to these New Instructors! 

Please note! Some locations have changed for these materials
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Wayne Schirner Belton, TX

Wayne says,"I am working on my certification as a vegetable specialist through the Texas Master Gardener Association. The information on raised bed gardening obtained from them indicated that beds needed to be 8-12 inches deep, or even 18” deep.  As my research project, I have built a 6” deep SFG and a 12” deep SFG and I am planting identical crops in each box. I will weigh the output from the crops in each bed, which should prove that all you need is a 6” deep bed.  So far, less than a month into my fall crops, everything in the 6” bed is doing better than the crops in the 12” bed, so at least the plants are bigger. I have controlled for every variable that can be controlled for, so I’ll see what happens. "


Debra Baylinson Coral Springs, FL

Debra says,"I plan to volunteer my knowledge and time to organizing, planting and teaching SFG to communities and organizations that will donate the fruits and vegies to the poor and undernourished; my gardens of hope to help solve hunger!"

Eric Halterman Black Mountain, NC

Eric says," I can make the world a better place through the use of SFG by teaching and spreading the word on this quick easy way to grow your own food even to the point of sustainability and food security. I will be an ambassador for SFG by showing off my SFG's and the food they produce and offer to help others to do the same."

Did you know that weather can improve the taste of your vegetables? Read more about it here

Recipe for those Beets you may still be harvesting! Crisp rosemary and garlic beet chips 

SFG article featured in LDSLiving Magazine Read here

SFG of Tim Lyons in Tempe,AZ

See Kim Roman's Video about a very creative visual aid she made

Social media is vitally important for spreading the SFG word! Please join and share with your friends. SFG Foundation Facebook Page    SFG Certified Instructor FB Group

Looking for SFG Answers? 

Have you discovered the wealth of information Mel has compiled the Square Foot Gardening Answer Book? We recommend every certified instructor have a copy! Here are some examples of the detail you can find in it.
-What’s the best way to place my SFG on a slope?
-How can I sell the produce I grow?
-How long should I let the drip irrigation run in my SFG?
-Whats the best way to deal with aphids on tomato plants?

-How do I get asparagus to grow in my SFG?