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WE ARE HIRING   We Need a top notch P/R PRESS RELEASE, PUBLIC RELATIONS ,CREATIVE BUZZ, TYPE OF PERSON WHO IS EXPERIENCED IN CREATING THAT BUZZ FOR THE SQUARE FOOT GARDENING NONPROFIT FOUNDATION! Even though this is our "slow" time of the year, we are looking ahead to create publicity for the foundation so we can go "full force" all year long  and take SFG to the ends of the earth!

1.       We operate around the country and need to educate and activate the public in starting their own Square Foot Gardens, whether they be brand new or switched from traditional row gardening. We need someone to design a media blitz to:
2.       Educate the public –
3.       Inform other professionals in radio, newspaper, TV, as well as the social media.
4.       Interest  corporate sponsored or service type organizations anywhere on the internet that would be appropriate for funding or backing SFG projects.
5.       Our goal is to end world hunger. Our mission is to stop sending food all over the world which only creates dependency.
6.       We teach each family how to grow their own with a square meter garden. How to feed themselves. How to become independent. How to live off the land (out of their boxes).
7.       Go to the website for our story and information. Then send your one-page resume with tear sheets of your past successful placements.
8.       Tell us how best can you work, by story, by hr, by results, or all of the above.

Send your resume and tear sheets to:

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  1. hope there are opportunities here in philippines also...if do so..i am interested since i attended seminar on vegatable production with emphasis on natural farming and since i need more source, i got accidentally view your video in youtube and got me interested...even im lowly..hope you can extend to help like me interested to study and teach SPG. i'm Heide Rubio of Philippines