Host a Neighborhood Certification Class

SFG Group Certification
You can plan and carry out your own neighborhood certification course.  Here are some guidelines.  Contact to set up your class!

(SFGF provides  advertising flyer, press release, class outline (in kit), student record sheet, email support)
The host will:
                     Plan number of  sessions, place and time (one of which must be at an SFG site)
·         Set the cost of the course (no more than $165 and may offer at a discount)
·         Advertise the course at libraries, community centers, universities extension services, schools, garden centers(offer to employees) local newspapers, SFGF website
·         Purchase with a minimum of 6 students, teacher kits for $49  & book for $12 each
·         Administer and correct quizzes
·         Keep  student records and report them to SFGF
·         Pre-pay  SFGF for all kits & books.