Jean's Story

This year I received a unique gift for Valentine’s Day – an extremely severe case of shingles!  It had me totally incapacitated for almost three months.  It’s now almost mid-July and I’m still not back to normal.  I was resigned to no garden this year.  However, I soon realized we had done all the hard work last year when my husband and I created our demonstration Square Foot Garden here in Nevada’s high desert – the clearing, leveling, laying ground cloth and gravel and building the boxes and grids.  I had done a good clean up in the fall and there were virtually no weeds to deal with.  
While I didn’t start my own seeds this year, I was able to get plants and direct seed just a little bit at a time as my strength allowed.  I figured I would have a limited garden, but at least I would have one. . . NOT . . . what I mean to say is, I am light years ahead of last year and it was not much work at all.  See the photo taken about 15 minutes ago.  Thank you, thank you to Mel, Victoria, and the crew who taught me so well at the Teachers Symposium in Eden, UT the year before last.  Get your own Square Foot Garden going – you’ll never be sorry.

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