Monday, August 16, 2010

Diane's Excitement for the New SFG Display Grant

I have offered several classes at my home with the first activity being a "scavenger hunt" through my garden. The participants are given a check list and a pencil and instructed to find the listed items in my garden, e.g., wood grid, plastic clothesline grid, vertical support, bag of compost, bag of vermiculite, etc. (A bucket of cookies is hung in my garden, too. That's the last on the list to find. When they find the cookies and finish their list, they come in for the class. I have cool drinks to go with the cookies, and then we're ready to start the class. They are given about 10 minutes to complete the "scavenger hunt." The adults seems to love it. When we sit down for the "class" portion of the meeting, participants already have SEEN what I am talking about. I frequently have people ask if they can stop by my house and take a look at my garden. They are always welcome, BUT we live "in the boonies" (some say!), so our home is not convenient to visit.

Just this past Thursday I was teaching a garden club in my area and mentioned your e-mail to them. After the meeting I was actually offered a place to set up a teaching garden in a park in Van Wert. This would be in conjunction with a beautiful children's garden that is currently being maintained by several individuals and groups in the area. They would like to see this used by children as well as adults. Diane Morris, OH

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