Thursday, May 5, 2011

SC Symposium & Homeless Helping Homeless

Stephen Gibbs first contacted SFGF in March requesting a visit from Mel for the grand opening of the new Homeless Helping Homeless Square Foot Gardens in Columbia South Carolina. Stephen's enthusiasm for this event spread quickly throughout the SFGF staff and soon travel plans were made including a 3 day symposium. Mel was planning to go but unfortunately was unable to because of his fall. SFGF staff was undaunted and with Mel's encouragement carried out the plans on April 28-30. Scholarships to the symposium were awarded to Charles W. Witherspoon and William Sweat. They along with Stephen Gibbs began the HHH Square Foot Gardens just one month ago. When the symposium visited the site they had many nice boxes already in place with vegetables growing. Attendees helped to make Mel's Mix, pinch tomato shooters and even turn compost. Stephen has been very proactive in getting a lot of help and donations from the community. He plans to make a patio on the HHH garden site to hold a barbecue for the Mayor cooking the vegetables grown there.

Stephen Gibbs & William Sweat

RIGHT-William Sweat, Stephen Gibbs & Charles Witherspoon,now all SFG certified teachers, worked to begin this community garden for the Homeless


  1. Fantastic, Belinda!! Got pictures? :D

  2. Hi,ARD Family CO-OP! You can see some more pics on my facebook. Davanna Driggers on Facebook> SFG Album.
    We likely will have a FB just for The Columbia South Carolina/Southeast Class very soon, and more pics will be there. Also Homeless Helping Homeless is on Facebook as well as Gardening Renaissance.

  3. Terrific, Davanna! Sent you a request to become friends so I can view the album. Perhaps you can add the link and/or photos to the fan albums on the SFG community page, if you haven't already! Cheers, Penne Ard (AFC) :D

  4. P.S. Congratulation on your new certification! ~pda