Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Square at a Time in SC

  Events began at the Lexington,SC  Old Mill historic landmark….Davanna Driggers has worked  with the Property manager there to plan community gardens that are going in this week.10 boxes will be installed in an area where trash cans used to sit.  Many business owners at the Old Mill want to partner together to care for the gardens which plan to  feed needy families across the street.
Mel and Victoria toured several community gardens that are dotting the landscape in Columbia.
The Friday night kick off was at St Johns Baptist Church where they gave away 50 crockpots.Saturday was spent installing the SFG's donated by SFGF.
  Young people and adults wearing tshirts with the words"Change the world one square at a time "
Installing gardens in Columbia,SC
The Sunday Afternoon Lecture at the Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Gardens was standing room only,  with over 100 people! Mel and Victoria spoke inside with PowerPoint and live demonstrations
with props. Followed by Q & A time and a book signing.  We had several
people interested in the school gardens programs including a
Montessori teacher and a home-school mom.  Then they went out to the
SFG's we had donated and taught with the weekend before.  The people
planted in the SFG's and were able to get hands on learning and
instruction from Mel & Victoria.

Volunteers Installing gardens at St Johns Baptist Church,Columbia,SC

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