Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Classic Quiz Answers

Q:The All New SFG book describes Ten Major New Improvements to the Original Square Foot Garden method. In your own words, describe those ten items here and tell why each is important
F. New Boxes – Above the ground You assemble easy to build bottomless boxes out of common lumber that most big box stores will cut to length into 4 foot lengths. Don’t care for the wood look? Use brick, blocks, or stone. There is one garden I know of that is a series of dinner plates standing on edge overlapping each other. Very colorful and recycling grins all in one. The boxes define the garden space. You will fill with the perfect soil, plant and enjoy. No back-breaking shovel, no bone rattling rototiller, no weeds. It is easy to tend the garden because it is contained and you can reach each square. Beverly Servadio of CA
Q: When purchasing bags of compost, what are the advantages to buying several types You need as many ingredients as possible -
no one compost has all the nutrients. The more types of compost you have the better chance of having a nutrient rich Mel's Mix.
Steve Earls of FLA
[Image] Steve Earls' SFG

Q: How can you make the world a better place through the use of sharing SFG with others?For me, this starts one on one. As A Master Gardener Volunteer, I am teaching SFG to an office community garden called the USDA peoples garden. All ready 2 in the group are creating SFGs at their homes. The word is shared exponentially.
Jeanne Quartz of OH

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