Monday, December 27, 2010

More Classic Quiz Answers

Santi Rogers,Kansas City,MO
Question: After learning, studying, and implementing SFG in your own yard, what have you experienced?

Healing!!!!!!!! I am originally from california and due to a life threatening health issue I decided to take a vacation to the heartland to get away for awhile. I ended up stopping in Kansas City and moved into an apartment at a complex on large acreage. I was introduced to a quadriplegic resident who began to share with me his love for gardening and gave me a grand tour of his garden plot near his apartment. He asked if he could pay me to be his hands and tend to his garden. I was so physically ill I didn’t feel my work would be worthy of a wage. I told him we could be partners and my pay would be his company and some of the produce. Almost everyday I was in the garden for hours and often was invited in his home to eat healthy meals. Within weeks I was on my way to complete recovery. Since then I got to start a large community garden where I live and have also had the opportunity to help start over 22 backyard gardens. I have met life long friends and learned valuable information that will keep me healthy and others.

Gina Dykes Denver,CO.
Question: New Opportunities: Whether the SFG is done on a small scale, i.e. a personal garden to the large scale farming the SFG is adaptable in any climate all around the world. Humanitarian projects have been successfully completed in developing countries using the SFG method. A large space is not required to have a profitable farming/gardening enterprise using the SFG system. The possibilities are endless when applying the entire concept of the SFG outside the garden and in the everyday life situations. This system is changing how any idea or situation can have an alternative perspective. When we grow inside the SFG box, we are thinking “outside the box.”

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