Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Need Even More Money?

          You could approach the manager and explain to them the methods of Square Foot Gardening and all of its advantages, you might also tell them the typical new Square Foot Gardener are quite often a non-gardener.  Someone who would like to garden but tried once and failed, or someone who is afraid to start, or someone that thinks they do not have enough space, time, money or knowledge.  For that nursery, those are most likley non customers.   The advantage to the nursery owner is they will become new customers for them just by coming to meet you and learn all about SFG. 
          The ideal location would be somewhere near the center of their operation that would have space for a small office for you , and a display garden you would put in and maintain. 
          If they don’t have such a space, you could create one by renting or buying a small shed that would fit in with their landscaping, In that shed, you could have a small office as well as SFG display pictures and signs, as well as books and videos to sell.
          On the the back of the shed you could build racks to hold all the garden products to sell. Wood and vinyl boxes, tomato towers, and bags of Mels Mix.  The basic idea would be for you to be a separate part of their nursery, and all of your sales would belong to you. You would pay rent for the space giving them an income.  At the same time all of your customers would more than likely buy all their plants, tools, supplies and other necessities, from that nursery. This will give them a new income from new customers that have never been there,
          You could also explain to the manager, that rather then being in competition for their nursery products, you would actually pull in new customers. Another analogy would be if they wanted to add a new feature to their nursery, such as garden ponds, they would have to hire an expert and invest a lot of money into pre-fab ponds, fish, aquatic plants, and all things that go with adding a pond to landscaping.  We are going to do the same thing with SFG, and they would not have to hire anyone, invest in any products, build any displays, or keep any experts on staff. 
          You are going to do all of that for them, and will even pay them for the privilege to be a part of their operation, and the small space you take up.  You can do this part time or full time depending on the traffic and the season.  Your SFG shop could be open every Saturday, every weekend, or when ever you choose. 
          There may even are other locations where you’re small SFG shed and garden display many be a welcome to other types of business.  How about a wild bird center, or a backyard children’s playground equipment center. Stretch your imagination and you could find many other good locations.

Next idea: You could start and run  a community garden right on the nursery property.  See more details later

Mel Bartholomew
Founder and Originator
Square Foot Gardening Foundation

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