Thursday, June 7, 2012

Message from Victoria

We have been very busy at SFGF. In addition to physically moving boxes of files and inventory from Utah to South Carolina, we are updating our website, working on new book deals (Mel is writing two new books), and we have hired some new staff. The restyled website will be more user-friendly, offer even more resources, and will accommodate new technology such as smart phones.

Our new production facilities in S.C. are bigger and better. We have partnered with the Christ Central Bethel Recovery House to create our new cypress boxes. In South Carolina over the past several months, we helped install 14 community gardens, and we hosted a Food Revolution Day event at Alcorn Middle School in conjunction with Columbia University.

We are expanding our product line. Hopefully, the new fall lineup will inspire and delight you, our esteemed certified SFG teachers!

There's more great news! Because we are establishing small distribution centers at strategic locations across the U.S., we will soon be able to ship Mel's Mix from our own distribution centers. This means orders will go more smoothly and we save on shipping costs (which rise higher daily it seems).

Summer is upon us and it is a great time for Farmer's Markets, outdoor demonstrations, garden contests, and trade shows. I hope you make the best of them all, especially our six contests!

We're also expanding our newsletters. If you haven't already, please sign up to get the general newsletter, as well as this special edition teacher's newsletter. Inside this issue, you'll find lots of tips to help make teaching easier, and to help you promote your business, as well as stories about SFGF and our teachers. Send us your story or bio – we'd love to feature you! Here's to your continued success!

Until next time, Happy Gardening,

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