Friday, July 6, 2012

Contest offers $4,000 in Prizes!

Get on the phone and call or e-mail people you know or had in your classes, and tell all of them about the 6 SFG Contests.  Here's your REWARD for getting as many entries as possible. YOU, the Certified Instructor, will receive 100 feet of FREE NETTING for a first place in any one contest by someone you got to enter, and 50 feet of FREE NETTING for any second prize in any one contest. 

But the winners must identify you up front, so tell them to put it into their sign-up form, and in their project notes, "I was recommended by JANE or JOHN SMITH, Certified SFG Instructor."

Why not tell your friends, family and past students all about the 6 Contests right away, because the registration ends July 31st to win $300! You win, they win, and we all win!

Here are some photographs of past winners just to give you an idea of their gardens, and inspiration. Read Mel's breakdown on why each garden won.

Here is the link to the sign-up form for the six contests:

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